Design until it looks good, functions and you can afford it.
-Agostino Terziano


From sketches to schematics, ATD offers comprehensive design service from concept through to construction. Gus has worked both sides of residential construction and knows from start to finish, it’s all in the details.

Some clients come to ATD with magazine clippings, photographs or sketches. Others arrive with nothing more than the excitement of committing to designing and building a new home or cottage. Both represent a starting point, and that’s all ATD needs to begin the design process.


In short time ATD will develop, CAD and present you with the first draft of your new home. First drafts include fully developed floor plans and elevations. The entire structure or individual features can be further developed with 3D models or conceptual drawings.


Together with the client, ATD explains all aspects of each draft and carefully listens to your feedback. The design is refined and revisions made until you are completely satisfied.


With the design complete it’s time to prepare the construction drawings. ATD produces drawings that make it easy for everyone involved in your project. We know what your contractors are looking for when quoting, and what they need during construction. We take pride in our drawings and want them to be something you keep long after you move in.

Supporting Services

Take advantage of ATDs established network. We can collaborate with local professionals covering all aspects of your project, including:

  1. 1. Land Surveying
  2. 2. Structural Engineering
  3. 3. Septic Design
  1. 4. HVAC Design
  2. 5. Landscape Design


ATD prepares and submits all permit applications on your behalf. If the township has questions, we provide them with all the information they need to issue the permits.