A problem well stated is a problem half solved.
Charles F. Kettering - US Electrical Engineer & Inventor


By far the most important phase of your project, the Planning Phase is where we ask the big questions and discuss the concepts that will determine the direction of your project.

A thorough planning process ensures there will be no construction delays or costly surprises. Some key planning topics include.


How you spend your time at your home or cottage, and who you share it with. What you need from your new home.


Natural features, site conditions to overcome, potential planning issues to be dealt with.


Realistic design and construction schedules established, potential complications identified.

  1. 1. Zoning By-law & Planning Reports
  2. 2. Site Planning
  3. 3. Minor Variance & By-law Amendments
  4. 4. Attend Council Hearings On Client's Behalf

ATD Helps You Plan

Have ATD act on your behalf, do the research and work with your local Building & Planning departments to secure all permits your project requires. Planning services include: